Clients Say…

To understand a little about what Alexis can do for your voice, listen to a segment where she was featured on KKNW’s Radiantly You Program on October 19, 2016 (AM 1150):


“As a little child, I wanted to be a singer – or at least, I loved hearing good voices. I knew I had a strong voice, but an undisciplined voice. Alexis told me that when I hit the center of a note, with full resonance, I would possibly have bones vibrating in my face. The first time I had that happen, it was a very cool moment, because I knew that I had harnessed the power in my voice” – Julie Bonner 11/1/16

“I am pleased and honored to be a student of Alexis O’Donahue. Alexis is an accomplished opera singer in her own right. She is a Leader in the field of music and exceptional in her knowledge of the different techniques, types and styles of music. The letter “x” in Alexis represents a Roman Numeral X. Being that 10 (ten) that she is. Alexis is intellectually versed in the William Vennard Teaching Method of Voice. Musically speaking she is super cala fragilistic expialidocious. Just the long way to say “Excellent” Alexis O’Donahue is the best of the best in the world of Music.” – Cecilia Canada 1/27/2016

“I have been working vocally with Alexis for about four years and in that time I have heard my voice change for the good. I knew I needed vocal training when I was singing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s song “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” and I couldn’t sing the whole song without being out of breath. Now I can sing that song and longer harder ones without being that tired! Alexis is the best! Thank you.” –Nikole 1/8/2016

“I was fortunately referred to Alexis O’Donahue by my voice teacher to continue my training during her absence last fall. From my very first lesson with Alexis, I was impressed with her ability to coach the best from my voice and to teach from her wealth of experience. She gave my voice a solid workout in each lesson. (I still use some of the exercises I learned). She was encouraging but never let me get away with any lazy singing technique. Alexis was a joy to train with. Each hour lesson flew by, as did the several weeks I was her student. I highly recommend Alexis for vocal instruction.” – Gary Sutton 3/9/2015

“Alexis O’Donahue is a one of a kind teacher. Enter her world as a student and you will soon realize your training will exceed whatever preconceived expectations you have.  She can teach it all, singing whether opera, musicals, or modern, public speaking, studio work for characters and advertising, she even teaches Shakespearean theater. No doubt there is a longer list for me yet to discover.  You name it she has done it when it comes to using voice as an instrument, and she has exceptional knowledge and technique for each and every thing she teaches.  These are not just natural abilities, these are studied, practiced and developed with hard work and professional training.   Add to this background a person who can connect, motivate, and teach with passion, with an overwhelmingly positive approach, and students inevitably enjoy a rich experience.”  – Carl Little 7/14/2014