Alexis’ mission is to help her students/clients create a strong, flexible instrument that will allow them to sing and speak as their hearts desire. She also covers vocal health and hygiene, so students can keep their beautiful voices throughout their lives. These techniques also apply to professional speakers, audio-book narrators, voice over artists, and anyone who speaks in public. Alexis has helped trial lawyers, ministers, teachers, students who do presentations for classes and sales executives who must be able to present business plans in high stress situations. Alexis understands how important it is to make every second count for her clients, and will help you to create a practice that you can stick to, that works with your life and your schedule.

Isn’t it time you found your unique voice? Child or adult, homemaker or corporate executive, your voice is your most important calling card and lasting impression. A healthy trained voice also sounds younger, and voice training has been called the newest “Anti-Aging Makeover!”  Voice is the expression of your being, the deepest core of yourself. Give yourself (or your child), the gift of training this unique instrument of voice to its fullest potential. It is the mission of Voices That Get Heard to guide and assist that learning with technique, experience, and great respect. Head over to the contact page and let’s get started!

Does your voice constrict when trying to incorporate emotion into a song?

Do you need help in character development or preparing for an audition?

Do you rely on your voice and have concerns about keeping your voice healthy for the long term success of you business?

If any of these questions apply to you contact the studio today!

Voice/singing lessons:

Session times are generally one hour. Clients are charged by the session, not the hour. Depending on the clients needs, sessions could go a little longer. At this time, sessions are in studio and Skype sessions are coming soon.

Speaker Training:

Voice Mastery Training is delivered as a group program. Sessions can be a one hour presentation or an eight hour workshop tailored for the needs of your group.